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Happy new year, HMJ followers ! ^^

Happy new year, HMJ followers ! ^^
[흐’에프.이 은이우: 이어얼]
‘해프.이 은유: 이어 !
훈민졍 음성학의 ‘팔.오우.어 님들, 새해 복 많이 받으세요 ! ^^

Buckingham (‘버크.잉.엄 or ‘버크.잉.햄)

오늘 다음 니우:즈 에서 모 국회 의원이 ‘버킹엄 왕’ 이라는 기사를 봤읍니다. 우리 나라 관습 대로라면 ‘버킹검 왕’이라고 써야하는데 이렇게 썼읍니다.

Buckingham [브’어크.이응.어음] 또는 [브’어크.이응.흐에음] ‘버크.잉.엄 또는 ‘버크.잉.햄

‘네이브.어 지식in 에 들어가 보니, 이 캐.’페이
( ) 의 개설일 보다 앞선 2006 년에 ‘버킹엄’ 이라고 쓴 글을 봤읍니다. 어떤 세력인지는 모르겠지만 날짜를 조작한 기사를 ‘인.터.넽 에 흘리면서 제가 세계 최초로 표기한 것을 자기네들이 먼저 그렇게 표기한 것처럼 조작하는 추악한 세력이 있읍니다.

Breaking & Entering

 In 2009, I had succeeded in writing all human languages in Korean letters firstly in the world. But looks like that somebody is jealous about it.

 About 1 year ago someone broke and entered my house and changed my computer files and stole my theses. And someone spoiled the thesis, Hoon Min Jung phonetics 2nd edition on Scribd. I suppose that probably those criminals belonged to Mr. Choi who had plagirized ‘Hoon Min Jung phonetics 1st edition’. He is always imitating me and trying to pretend to be me. He reminds me of Salieri. It’s a really crazy thing!

The German phonetic symbol, ‘[ø]’

The German phonetic symbol, ‘[ø]’ is [에] in HMJ phonetics.
Firstly in the world, HMJ wrote that this on May in 2014.
The position of tongue is like 우’s in Korean.
So during pronuncing, [우] is derived.
Therefore, total sounds are heard like
[에]+[우]=[웨] .
In Korea, ‘[ø]’s pronunciation had been taught as ‘외’.

For example,

Goethe [gøːtә]

[으에:.트어]   그웨:.터

Merry Christmas, HMJ followers ! ^^ money [음’어은.이] ‘먼.이

Korea    [크어.으’이:.어]      5 HMJ syllables, 3 IPA syllables

career     [크어얼.’이얼]    5 HMJ syllables, 2 IPA syllables  
money    [음’어은.이]          4 HMJ syllables, 2 IPA syllables

color    [크’어을.어얼]         5 HMJ syllables, 2 IPA syllables

emperor    [‘에음.프어얼.어얼]      7 HMJ syllables, 3 IPA syllables

theory     [스’이:.어얼.이]       5 HMJ syllables, 3 IPA syllables

*  Merry Christmas

[음’에얼.이 크으’이스.음어스]

‘멜.이 크’리스.머스   ——-> the abbreviated form of HMJ phonetic symbols above

‘멜.이 크’리스.머스! HMJ followers ! ^^