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Gangnam Style

* Analysis of Psy’s song, ‘Gangnam Style’ by HMJ phonetics


– English

Gang·nam Style

[gæŋnam stail]

[( )에응.은아음 스트아이을] –> eleven HMJ phonetic syllables

※ The original sound in round brackets is not written for Rick Kim’s copyright. He discovered it first. It is one of u.p.s..


– Psy’s original Korean pronunciation

강남 스타일

[강.남 스.타.일] –> five HMJ phonetic syllables 

 Psy’s Korean pronunciation has just ‘five’ syllables. That’s one of reasons why his pronunciations are heard attractively to western people.


※ ‘오빤 강남 스타일’ in lyrics 

 This is a shortened form of ‘오빠는 강남 스타일’ in Korean. ‘오빠’ originally means a term of respect with which a girl calls her elder brother in Korea. But it is often used a term of respect with which a girl calls her older ‘boy friend’ of in Korea. In the music video Psy is Hyun-Ah’s older boy friend. And he wants to show himself off in front of her. It’s so funny~. ‘는’ marks that ‘오빠’ is a subject of the sentence. 

 [ㅃ] is a fortis of [ㅂ]. Koreans tends to pronounce much stronger than western people do. They also like very spicy food. Which means that they have hot temper. This also relates to their linguistic habit.


오빤 강남 스타일( I who am your older boy friend am a man in Gangnam style.)

[오.빤 강.남 스.타.일]–> seven HMJ phonetic syllables

Psy has told it in an interview that he chose seven syllable words on purpose to give strong rhythm to his song. We all know the result well.