Dear HMJ phonetics’ followers, it’s been a long time!

When I was young, I knew that Bruce Lee had gotten off his upper dress to show his muscles. But about 15 years ago I became to know that he had done so to avoid being held by Ju-doist. He is really amazing!


Bruce Lee’s one inch punch

Bruce Lee’s one inch punch helps any time, any where. I have seen his documentary about it on Youtube. Probably I would have seen it 30 times. But I couldn’t even see his right fist’s moving even though the thick board was splitted. Quentin Tarantino’s film, ‘Kill Bill’ must homage this.

American Beauty [어.음’에얼.이.크어은 브이’우:.트이]

Tonight(Korean time) I think of the film, ‘American Beauty([어.음’에얼.이.크어은 브이’우:.트이])’. It was great. All actors and actresses were fine.

The South Korean singer, Chang-Jung Lim’s recent music video( reminds me of it. The MV might be influenced by Gangnam Style’s. But the MV’s so funny, too. I recommend you to give it a try.